Tuesday, January 27, 2015

I subscribe to some 12 magazines and sometimes I actually find something interesting in them. Reading a recent All You issue, I came across an article on charitable giving I found intriguing.

Are you passionate about something?  Have a hobby or special skill?  Why not turn it into a gift for the less fortunate?

We get ourselves into ruts.  When we decide we want to donate we go on autopilot and either donate time, used articles or money.  However, if you are passionate about knitting, crafting, gardening and more, there are organizations that would be thrilled if you sent your finished product to them.

At Knit-a-Square.com for example, even a beginner can help make blankets, scarves, hats and more for orphans in South Africa.  If you love to garden check out AmpleHarvest.org an organization that connects gardeners with food pantries near them in order to provide more healthy choices to those in need.  Do you have a love of baking?  Why not bake for a child with a life-threatening illness?  icingsmiles.org matches requests from parents with nearby bakers, professionals and amateurs to put a smile on their child's face.

Need more exercise?  Love to walk?  Well then The Charity Miles application (charitymiles.org which is free for Android and Apple users, is for you!  You can earn $.25 for every mile you log.  You select an organization from a list of 30 and the app tracks your distance and donates the money for you.  Personally, I love this idea.  I walk at least 4 miles every Wednesday with a group from a local club I am involved in.  Why not put that walking to more use than just getting caught up with friends and pumping some blood through my veins?!  I've signed on and now feel even better about my efforts.

If you are looking for a cause or way of sharing your talent, go to allforgood.org, a clearinghouse for volunteer projects.

Finally, if you live locally (New River Valley, VA) you can take advantage of some of the giving too!  Virginia Tech's Big Event on April 11, 2015 allows students the opportunity to donate their time and skills.  Give them a hand and find a project around your home for them.  It works both ways!

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