Sunday, August 24, 2014


Join Us

On Wednesday, August 20 we held an informational meeting about 100+ Women Who Care NRV.  Attendance was small but meaningful.  We exchanged ideas and shared excitement over the likelihood of quickly and easily raising up to $10,000 per quarter for a local charity.  We were even fortunate enough to encourage one participant to start a chapter in Lynchburg where she will be relocating to.

100+ Women Who Care is such a simple concept yet such a powerful one.  Think about it - the most difficult part is getting the 100 members and even that's not so difficult if each of us asks our friends to join in.  Once the group is gathered, we nominate three charities (per quarter) located right here at home based on their current needs. We here their story and vote. The majority winner gets the funds raised.

How great would you feel walking in to the office of the charity you nominated and handing them a check for $10,000?  I know I would feel elated.  What's even better?  Being able to see the funds in action.  Imagine walking down the street and seeing the playground you funded being used by neighborhood kids.  Or, seeing a new van driving the elderly to medical appointments, or families in crisis receiving what they need to move forward.  Feels good, right?

These are the reasons why we decided to start a chapter of 100+ Women here in the New River Valley.  We've seen it's success in other areas across the country and we want the same for our community. 

We get to choose who to help and our personal donation is increased tenfold and has an immediate, visible impact.

Join us and feel great. 

Here is a link to our presentation---we hope you enjoy it.  CLICK HERE

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