Saturday, May 31, 2014

Welcome to 100+ Women Who Care - New River Valley

Welcome to our 100 + Women Who Care in NRV Blog....

We are both excited to present a very terrific idea that 1000's of women here in the United States, Canada and beyond have developed over the years.  Women know that when we come together we can do amazing things together.

My first exposure to 100+ Women idea came when visiting a friend in Yellow Springs, Ohio.  My children and I stopped off on our way to see my nephew play in the Little League World Series last summer.  I was very thrilled by the idea and remarked at how being able to bring women together could have such an impact....the idea was simple.  Find 100 women, who commit to giving $100 four times in one year....donating money to address the needs in their local community.  Voila!

So after meeting for approximately one hour, hearing 3 different presentations of need the women VOTED one of the causes.  The one who received the majority vote won the prize.....$10,000.  At the time, women who attended wrote their checks to the organization directly.   While I wasn't ready to start up the idea right away when I returned last summer, I was certainly determined to figure a way to make it happen.....and here it is!

This website illustrates what some other 100+ Women are doing around the country and in Canada.  It's fun to check out what the other chapters are doing.

I contacted a friend, Beth, who was also excited about the idea and we decided to work together to bring it from the idea stage into the REAL world, our NRV community.  We are looking for women who also find this to be an appealing way to contribute to our local community...and working on it TOGETHER!

We have one major distinction from some of the other 100+ Women Who Care.  It involves INCLUSION.  We both feel strongly about engaging as many women as possible.  So unlike most of the other groups currently formed, we are seeking women who are willing to donate $100-$400 per year ($25-$100) contribution each quarter.  We feel like many women would want to participate but be unable to contribute the $100 each quarter.  Each commitment is 2 years and can be renewed afterwards....but for anyone interested, you would be committing between $200-$800 over two years.

If this is something that interests you, please send us your name and email address and we will send more details to


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